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How Can Counselling Help With Major Life Transitions?

Everyone encounters major transitions during their lives. Events like bereavement, getting married, having children, changing jobs, and moving house can be challenging to deal with, as it can feel like your world is being uprooted. Dealing with these transitions is not easy, especially if you are alone. The stress that builds from these events can, if left unchecked, mushroom into deeper mental issues, which is why counselling in Blackfriars and online can be extremely helpful. 
In this blog post, then, we will explore the different ways in which counselling helps with major life transitions.

  • Normalise Your Emotions
    Whether you experience a positive major life transition (marriage, having children, etc.) or a negative major life transition (bereavement, divorce, etc.), you are expected to feel a certain way by friends, family, and society in general. However, emotions are far more complicated than that. You may, for example, feel extremely depressed and anxious ahead of getting married, or perhaps extremely angry, or numb, after losing a family member. We all react differently to certain situations, and often in unexpected ways; sometimes this can be hard for loved ones to understand.
    By seeing a counsellor in Blackfriars or online, you have a friendly, confidential space in which to explore these emotions and have them understood, validated and contextualised by a neutral professional. I will help you realise that your emotions are completely normal, whatever they may be, and give you the space to process them in a healthy way. 

  • Avoid Unhealthy Coping Mechanism
    After a major life transition, it is common for people to develop damaging coping mechanisms - particularly when they have to deal with the event on their own. Feelings of overwhelming stress or panic can culminate in abandoning important daily habits, not eating well, or perhaps resorting to drink and drugs, which in turn can cause deeper problems. Counselling in Blackfriars or online allows you to become aware of these unhealthy responses to feelings of stress and, through working closely with your counsellor, develop positive coping mechanisms that don’t reinforce your suffering. 

  • Make a Plan
    Change is scary because of the uncertainty it brings. Nobody likes to feel like they don’t have control over a situation. It is, after all, difficult to know how something like having a child or moving house will impact your life and relationships. Such unknown variables will lead to your brain naturally defaulting to a negative bias as a way of protecting itself. 
    To help you move past this state of fear and negativity, your counsellor in Blackfriars or online will work alongside you to develop a tangible plan for dealing with your given major life transition. By formulating a clear roadmap for dealing with the issue at hand, the major life transition goes from being a large and unknown prospect to a manageable set of actions that you can visualise, thereby reducing stress levels.
    Are you experiencing a major life transition and want to talk it through with a counsellor in Blackfriars or online? If so, get in touch to arrange an initial meeting.

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