Stephen Weaver Counselling, Psychotherapy & Supervision St Paul's, Blackfriars, City of London & Rye, East Sussex

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Stephen Weaver, MA BD Dipl.Psych. Dipl. Spvsn.

Counselling & Psychotherapy in St Paul's, Blackfriars, EC4

I offer counselling and psychotherapy near St.Paul’s Cathedral, close to Fleet Street and Blackfriars in the City of London.

With over 15 years experience as a UKCP-registered counsellor and psychotherapist, I use a Transpersonal/Integrative approach to try to make sense of these challenging times.

In today's turbulent political and social climate, everyday life can seem an overwhelming struggle to maintain some sense of belonging, identity and meaning. Divisiveness, violence and conflict seem to thrive. Our family and personal histories can likewise leave us with wounds which are difficult to heal. We crave connectedness with others and with a power greater than ourselves, but our experiences of intimacy and transcendence are elusive. We can become bored, restless and even despairing as we struggle to break free from old and harmful ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The Transpersonal approach addresses this sense of longing and sees in it the potential for change. It looks upon symptoms such as anxiety, anger, depression or despair, not primarily as problems to be fixed, but as opportunities to grow, - sometimes through the very experience of suffering, - into greater personal wholeness, an enlarged compassion for others and a deeper spiritual life.

As a counsellor and psychotherapist my task is to sit with the sufferings of others and help to steer a course between two extremes. One is to remain very earth-bound, self-obsessed and sceptical about spirituality. The other is to spiritualise everything and forget that we are flesh and blood people who need each other to change the world in which we live for the better. Between these extremes, in the experience of everyday life, creativity and imagination offer pathways out of despair and towards hope.

At its best, counselling and psychotherapy becomes a shared journey from failure to freedom. So many of the hurts that we carry and the difficulties we have in overcoming them, spring from a failure to love, by others as well as by ourselves. Counselling and psychotherapy achieve healing when the care offered by the counsellor meets the client’s longing to be loved in his or her truth. That can mean sitting together in the dark places of brokenness and desolation, as well as sharing moments of great joy when we become the people we have the potential to be.

Psychotherapy locations in London and Rye, East Sussex

I work as a counsellor, psychotherapist and offer supervision in Blackfriars, City of London and in Rye, East Sussex.

My City psychotherapy practice is near St.Paul's Cathedral and Fleet Street in Blackfriars.
St.Paul's and Blackfriars Underground stations and City Thameslink mainline station are within 3 minutes walking distance.
Location details and full directions will be given when a first appointment is agreed.

I also work as counsellor, psychotherapist and offer supervision in East Sussex at The Elysian Centre, 18 Cinque Ports Street in Rye, close to Hastings, East Sussex and Kent.

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Some issues I work with

Anxiety and fear
Compulsive behaviour
Creative Arts /blocks
Couple counselling
Decision-making and discernment
Faith conflicts
Gay/Bisexual issues
Life in The City of London
Life crises
Midlife issues
Performing Arts
Relationship issues
Sex/Internet “addiction”
Sexual and gender diversity


"I began counselling in a fairly depressed state, unable to make sense of various issues that were troubling me. Within six weeks I began to feel much more positive and had the resilience and self awareness needed to deal with things. Stephen was very skilful at getting to the heart of issues with a great deal of empathy and understanding".

" I can't tell you how instrumental you've been in helping me find solid ground, my self-worth, and remembering that my instincts are there to be trusted. I feel so much stronger since I came to you for the first time. You truly have helped me through one of the most unpleasant periods of my life and I am so grateful for that."

" I cannot thank you enough for the help you've given me. I understand myself so much better. I had been cynical about therapy at the beginning but within a few weeks, I realised it was already beneficial and I really cannot believe how far I've come."

"Thank you so much for helping me over the past few weeks. The sessions really helped me make some positive steps towards a happier life. "

"My situation has improved thanks to talking to you which gave me the confidence to take some action to improve things for myself. "

"I would like to thank you for all of your help over the six sessions which I found extremely helpful and I am very pleased I took the step to ask for some help."

"I would like to thank you again for your help in the past year. I appreciated your approach to never labelling my mental issues and focusing on a holistic approach. The dream analysis was also fundamental in my healing / learning process."

"I'd like to thank you very much. I have found you to be an enlightened and extremely intuitive person; our discussions and your guidance have been invaluable to me. "

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About Me

I was born in Warrington in 1960 and was educated at the Universities of Oxford and London.
I worked as a teacher then as a priest in parishes, hospitals and university chaplaincy.
I retrained as a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor at CCPE, London.
After 5 years as counsellor on a gay men’s sexual health project, I have spent the past 16 years building a private psychotherapy practice, first in Fleet Street and now near to St.Paul's, working with couples and individuals.

My training has introduced me to a wide range of psychological approaches. Depending on your personal needs and the growing trust we build together, I can be very flexible in the use of tools and techniques on which I can draw.

My own spiritual journey and personal psychotherapy have helped me to make some sense of life, but I have probably learned most from working with my clients and supervisees. I like to think that two decades' privileged experience as a skilled helper makes me well-equipped to help you feel seen, heard and understood.

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  • Qualified and supervised therapist
  • 16 years experience since qualification
  • Transpersonal/Integrative psychotherapy
  • UKCP registered psychotherapist
  • Gay/LGBT/sexual diversity counsellor
  • Supervision with individuals and groups
  • Walking Therapy and Skype Counselling
  • BUPA Service Provider
  • 2 minutes from Fleet Street and St.Paul's
  • Walking distance from Blackfriars, St.Paul's and City Thameslink stations
  • In Rye town centre, near Hastings, East Sussex

  • I provide Couple Counselling in St.Paul's / Blackfriars/ City of London and in Rye/Hastings/East Sussex

    I have longstanding experience of counselling Gay/LGBT/sexual diversity issues

    I offer supervision to other counsellors and psychotherapists at my locations in Blackfriars, City of London and in Rye, East Sussex.

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